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January Round-Up

Getting my geek on, January was like as exponential graph, started off slow, but once it got going, it flew, and it was freaking awesome. Fitness wise, decent enough, lost a good 4kg. Didnt get in the gym enough, but I think I’m on my way to becoming a runner!

Personal side of things, I got into my 1st choice for university, doing a pretty good degree. Looking forward to 4 hard years there. And fun too. Got myself a new, proper job, which I start middle of next month, seeing as its half term week after next, and there would be no point doing 4 days next week.

I’ve also met the most wonderful girl. I’d love to put into words how I feel, but to be quite honest I’ve never connected with someone on every level like I have with her. I really am blown away, not something that happens to me, believe me.

So long may these times continue, particularly the 3rd paragraph! :)